Custom eiderdown using your choice of fabric

The website shows just a fraction of the many beautiful designer fabrics available. However, our bespoke service covers every interior design project you can think of, supporting both home owners and interior design companies alike.

  • "Lucy, Received the eiderdown for my daughters bed this afternoon and it has exceeded my expectations It is absolutely gorgeous and reminds me of the eiderdown which my mother had in our childhood family home and which I used to admire so much. All the warmth and glamour of my remembered childhood came rushing back when I opened the box I am very thrilled with it and with your prompt and kind service. Many many thanks"

    Jeanne, UK

    30th November 2022

  • "Dear Lucy, received two beautiful eiderdowns this afternoon and am thrilled. 
    The quality of the work that has gone into these eiderdowns is just amazing.  Beautifully wrapped and delivered with care.   What makes them even more special is the fact that they are unique.  I’ve never seen anything like these in any store and the colours are special to me. 
    Thank you again and although these are for my guest room, I’m seriously thinking of getting one for myself."

    Anne, UK

    22nd September 2022 

  • "Dear Lucy, I have just receivedmyeiderdown, I am thrilled with it, it is so beautiful, I am 63 now but always remember staying at my Grandma'swhen I was little and she always had gorgeous eiderdowns, I have looked for one for a while and I am so pleased I found your shop. Mine will be staying wrapped up for a little while longer as we are doing the house up but it definitely is something I am lookingforward to re-opening. Perfect service, beautiful packaging and the most gorgeous item. I recommend 100%."

    Sonia, UK

    1st July 2022

  • "Dear Lucy, I have just received my new eiderdown and am completely overwhelmed at how beautiful it is. Thank you so much for sending such a wonderful item, without doubt a work of art. The skill and time that have gone into making it are second to none and I shall value my eiderdown for years to come. I am tempted to buy a new bed to go with it! It is good to know there are small businesses like yours that are keeping the old ways alive as your eiderdowns are far superior to anything the shops have to offer. Thanks again for all your help."

    Harry, Edinburgh

    22nd March 2022

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